To increase marketshare and reach the company/organization objectives, we must have strong brand.

Brand strategy

  • Brand platform (strategic document that defines a foundation and rationale for the brand. It will be the standard by which every brand building activity.)
  • Brand messaging (what and how the message of brand communicate)
  • Brand architecture (master brand and sub-brand strategy)


Brand identity

  • Naming (the right naming can make different and memorable)
  • Logos (a good logo should be memorable, unique and it translate important ideas about the brand)
  • Visual style (visual style is visual language of a brand include typography, color palette illustration and/or photography treatments, layouts, and all graphic elements that make a brand look different)
  • Guidelines (the graphic standard manual can used by marketers or other designer that help strong and consistent brand across multiple media)
We organize your communication message to public:

  • PR Korporasi (Corporate PR)
  • PR Gaya Hidup (Lifestyle PR)
  • Automotive/Motorsports PR
  • Hotel/Restaurant PR (F&B/Hospitality PR)
  • Entertainment PR
  • Social Media PR
  • Hubungan dengan Media (Media Relations)
  • Manajemen Krisis (Crisis Management)
  • Personal Branding